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Miller Fusion 160



The Fusion 160 delivers a smooth, stable arc from either engine power or 120/240-volt utility power, providing a unique combination of versatility and productivity in a lightweight package.  With a fuel capacity of 6.25 gallons, the Fusion 160 will run for about 7.5 hours under a continuous load of 3,000 watts.  Welding at 160 amps (at 20 percent duty cycle), the Fusion 160 will run for about 8.2 hours of operation. 

Easier to Transport

The Fusion 160 welder/generator weighs 222 pounds. That’s up to 70 pounds less than similar machines, so moving the Fusion 160 is easier and faster. Less time is spent waiting and more work can get done.

Less rework

The Fusion 160 uses inverter technology to deliver a smooth, stable stick arc that’s forgiving of variations in arc length and travel speed, so it’s easier to produce clean welds that meet specifications and avoid the time and expense of rework.

Work-anywhere convenience

PowerShift technology provides weld capabilities using either the Fusion 160 engine or 120/240-volt utility power. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that you can weld virtually anywhere - outdoors and indoors - with just one machine.


The multi-voltage plug (MVP) make it easy to connect the welder to either 120- or 240-volt power.